Vintage Magazines With Surfing Covers

Paradise of the Pacific was an 1800s magazine that pioneered the use of surfing images. Commissioned by King Kalakaua, the Merrie Monarch, Paradise of the Pacific was dedicated to bringing back all the traditional Hawaiian cultural events and pass-times

The early 20th century ushered in a very optimistic era, where exercise, health and vitality were prized. Outdoor activity, fun, and health magazines like Judge, Breezy, Film Fun and Modern Screen often featured sexy scantily-clad lovelies riding surfboards or aquaplanes in unlikely-looking surf settings.

Boy’s magazines of the times weren’t immune to the charm of the surfing life. Such magazines as St. Nicholas and  American Boy often featured surfing images on their covers.

Surf Magazines

In 1954 the first Makaha International Surf Championships produced a program, which is widely recognized as the first full surf publication. These continued on until 1972 and they are highly collectible.

In June of 1960 a USA publication titled “Surfing-Voice of the Surfing World” was published in newspaper style and print. This was a monthly edition that lasted for four months until September. Meanwhile in August of 1960 a color-covered monthly came on the market titled “Reef,” which lasted for three editions. This is one of the most treasured surfing magazines for any collector as a lot of people think this is the first real surfing publication because the Makaha magazines were meant to be programs for the championship competition.

Beginning in 1960, Surfer first produced an annual later followed by a quarterly, a bi-monthly and finally a monthly that is still published to this day. Also that year Greg Noll produced the “Surfers Annual” and followed this up in 1961 with two more titles known as “Surfing Funnies” and “Cartoons” – while another cartoon publication titled “Ho Dads Beware” produced two issues during 1961.

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