Antique and Vintage Surfboards

The single worst enemy to surfboards is weather and in particular, the sun. You will need to be sure they are stored away from direct sunlight. In fact, even indirect light can cause some patina to the foam and fading of logos, so a room away from windows or even inside a board bag is advisable.

For wood boards that have no fiberglass shell, you will also need to be aware of potential weather damage as well as bug damage.

Vintage and Collectible Surfing Statues, Trophies, Figurines and Carvings

Collectibles that will be displayed on a shelf will collect dust. Dust can cause corrosion or pitting to metals and plastics, and occasionally, even ceramics. The way to solve this issue is to dust them occasionally. Another potential for damage is from tipping and falling. First, be sure the cabinet or shelving is secured and won’t tip over in a minor earthquake.

Collectible Surfing Books, Magazines, Posters and other Ephemera

Anything made with paper is particularly susceptible to damage. Naturally you want to keep these items in a dry environment. Any moisture, even humidity, can cause brown spots, known as foxing, to appear on these treasures. Single pieces of paper, post cards, photos, magazine and posters should be stored in archival-quality Mylar, polyethylene or polypropylene sleeve protectors.

For more details on how to preserve your valuable vintage surfing memorabilia see the chapter Caring for Collectibles in The Ultimate Guide To Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles

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