Antique Surfing Related Collectibles and Memorabilia

The last 100 years or so of surf culture has given collectors a variety of memorabilia to choose from: surfboards, trophies, figurines, photographs, postcards, posters, clothing, medals, patches, records, dishes, jewelry, sheet music, books, magazines, price lists, decals, brochures, and all other manner of surfing  made from paper, ceramic, metal, wood and so on.

Surfing collectibles go back as far as Captain James Cook in the 1700s. In a sense, collecting is what Cook’s three South Pacific expeditions were all about. He even gathered memorabilia from the Polynesian practice of he’e nalu (surf riding), that would make him the original collector of surfing memorabilia.

The Surfboard and Collectibles Boom

The collectibles market has become volatile ever since the Wall Street Journal proclaimed it one of the “hottest collectibles markets” in the early twenty-first century. Suddenly those keepsakes that were only of value to a limited number became highly sought after treasures by the masses – surfboards, posters, trophies, figurines, statues, record albums, books, magazines,, even vintage surfboard wax and leashes

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