I need to order 4 more of your books. I’ve purchased about 6 or 7 of your books so far great gifts, I love the book.
Cheers, Mark
Malibu, California

I received the book and while the box was a bit beat up the way you wrapped and protected the corners allowed the book to arrive in perfect condition – thank you!

I’ve done a quick page by page look through the entire book and I’m very impressed with your beautiful presentation as well as the extent of the scope of your project: this is an amazingly detailed and carefully put together reference.

As the author of Essential Surfing, I was taken how timeless some of the designs seemed from a template / outline perspective.

George Orbelian (Author of Essential Surfing – Surfboard Design)
San Francisco, California

REGARDS FROM OZ    DICK HOOLE (Legendary Surf Filmmaker / Photographer)
Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

The book arrived this morning.  WOW, WOW,WOW…………….THIS BOOK WILL PROVIDE HOURS AND HOURS OF ENJOYMENT.  At first look, it is incredible, beyond my highest expectations!!!  Thank you so much for the INCREDIBLE job of putting this tome together.  Words cannot describe my happiness with your effort.  Yowsers, you have given Surfing and the history of our sport a beautiful gift.
As good fortune would have it, tonight I host our monthly SURF FEVER MOVIE NIGHT at our local library.  I’ll bring this amazing book with me (strongly asserting “to the boys” to handle with care as they pour over the book).  What do I tell them?  Are there any copies left?
Well, thank you SO MUCH again.  Best of luck in your future endeavors.  Perhaps a “smaller” edition is in the future???  Again, this is an incredible gift to the Surfing world.  Aloha, and Godspeed,
Matthew D. (Brookhaven, New York)

This book is a must-have for any serious collector as well as a great overview of the evolution of the surfboard and a history of our sport. With its listing of the major auction results along with early surf-related art, music, posters, films, etc., it’s a resource I will be turning to with frequency. Amazingly well done and a great addition to every surfer’s library!

Feel free to use any or none of the above, but honestly Jim, I was knocked out!
Barry K Haun
Curator and Creative Director
SHACC (Surfing Heritage & Culture Center)

I love the layout, mix of boards and pics. This is without a doubt the finest surfboard book ever published. A great reference tome for the collector and surfer alike.

Thank you for undertaking this project. The amount of time, effort, and expense you have invested in this work is clearly evident in the published book.

I can truly say that I have coffee table books on various subjects none of which have actually ended up on my coffee table. This book is now proudly sitting on the coffee table. Its only taken 40 years to get a book worthy of that place in my house!

thanks again,
Chris G. (Healdsburg, California)

Best surfing book ever!
Ken Bradshaw (Legendary Big Wave Surfer and Pioneer – North Shore, Hawaii)

Hi Jim…

Well you’ve managed to amaze me… I had NO idea that you were doing something of that scale…

It’s extraordinary… congratulations… really!

I’ve finally sat down this afternoon and looked through the book from start to finish…

It’s remarkable… honestly. I love that all of that material is recorded, and that it’s accessible!

I’m delighted to have a small part in what you’ve done.

Kind regards (and thanks!)…

John Witzig (Professional Surf Photographer, Editor & Publisher)
Maclean, New South Wales, Australia

The book is here! — I spent some time with it again this morning, leafing through the comprehensive assemblage of magazine samples — most I don’t think I’d ever seen  – splendid work!  I look forward to spending more time with it, too — it’s a great job on a monumental task … Congratulations again!

Drew Kampion (Surf Author, Editor & Publisher)
Clinton, Washington

Guess what arrived in the mail today?
What a truly spectacular piece of work. It will be a fantastic resource for us here at the museum as well as an inspirational regular read. I am looking forward to exploring the mountain of information you have gathered together and of course like many others I’ll be putting together a wish list of the beautiful boards presented throughout the book.
Congratulations, you have done an outstanding job.
Thanks for mentioning the museum as well, it was really cool seeing many of the boards from our collection featured in the pages of The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles.
Thank you.
Aloha, Craig Baird.
SurfWorld Museum (Torquay, Victoria, Australia)

I got the book last week. It is epic! You really did a good job and I’m proud to be part of it. This one will go down in surfing history.

Thanks for the nice bio too! You really did your homework and its got to be one of the most impressive collections of surfboards and memorabilia that has ever been published!

A lot of the information really brings back a lot of memories, and is a massive labor of love. I’m sure that’s why a lot of people will like it. I hope that it sells well for you.

Also, just a question, did you know the Benson sisters, Blanche and Becky, their dad – Colonel Albert Benson was a surf movie maker in the late sixties and seventies?

Thanks again for the book – it was well worth trading for the pix of mine that you used.

Mahalo, Bill Romerhaus (Professional Surf Photographer)
Haleiwa, Hawaii

The book arrived in excellent condition. You have exceptional talent and a classic eye which manifested itself in your book. This will set the bar regarding surf related books. I imagine it will someday see a soft cover trade edition as thousands will want to have one in their collection. It’s a real class act.

Thank you for your effort…

Gary Lynch (Writer, editor and surf historian – Elgin, Arizona)

I think you have done a fantastic job and it’s a fascinating book with a lot of info, pics and interesting facts. I think you should be proud of your efforts and now I can see why it took you so long to finish the project.

All in all, I think it is the best book on collectables and surf memorabilia on the market….

I’m looking forward to finishing up the remainder of the book, but as mentioned, you did a great job, you should be proud of your efforts, there is a bit of something for everyone in there and hopefully it was all worth the effort! Glad I was able to contribute my little part to it.

Randy Rarick (60s Surf Pro, Author, Historian, Promoter)
Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Great book! It’s clear a lot of hard work has gone into creating this collectible work of art and love. I will buy another soon. I will also post it on my Facebook and Twitter to get the word out. What about a book on the people of surf or it that subject over done?

Marc L. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Looks very good. I haven’t had a chance to go deep. BIG Book! Nice

Aloha, John Severson (Legendary Surfing Hall of Fame inductee, creator of Surfer Magazine, author, photographer and successful artist)
Maui, Hawaii

The most awesome book I’ve ever seen and I have a heck of a collection…an unbelievable job!
Jim Vaughan (Whalebone Surf Shop, Nags Head, North Carolina & Virginia Beach, Virginia)

The book is a Masterpiece.
THE surfing coffee table book for the Ages. Really stunning.
So comprehensive with writing, details, artwork, and photos, that truthfully I never thought this kind of book could / would be accomplished.
Brought back many memories for me.

But, the bigger picture is the Arc this work takes over the Surfing Continuum .

Stoked to a be a part of this Work. I never realized that this was much more expansive, than collectible surfboards.

You have deserved a Vacation. Ha ha!.

Kidding about your deserved vacation.

Now, it’s time to pack the suitcase, and hit the promotion / book signing trail.

You know, this book is so good that it will be self-promoting, and I foresee multiple printings.

Don’t let your printer destroy the plates.

Thanks for all your hard work, money spent, and other sacrifices.
We love surfing, the lifestyle, and that is why we do this stuff.

Kudos, again, Lance Trout (Professional Surf Photographer)

Outstanding! Love it, totally worth the $ and the wait. The only downer is that I remember too many of those boards from my youth…..

Chuck A.
Avalon, New Jersey

Your book is amazing. It should be in the library of anyone who appreciates the art and evolution of surfboard design and our rich surfing history. Congratulations.

I ordered your book for a specific purpose and it was the perfect choice. I have surfed for 50 years, built about 100 boards in the 70-80’s…but I am not a collector nor expert on collectible surfboards.

I was asked to do some research on a balsa board that is owned by a dear friend here in Florida, Dick N**** (retired Chairman of the Board at Disney). Dick bought the board directly from Hobie Alter in 1953 when Hobie was still working out of his Dad’s garage. Dick took up surfing after a neck injury ended his football career at USC. Dick started with Disney in 1955 and retired 44 years later. I wasn’t aware of Dick’s surfing roots until just recently when he called me to look at “an old surfboard I have in storage”.

Dick asked me to oversee restoration of the board because it was in really bad shape. The board looks just like the one on page 251 of your book! The Hobie stamp is barely legible and predates the stamp on the board you featured that Hobie used in 1955.

Based on a lot of worry about a decision to leave it “as is” or initiate a full restoration…Dick decided to restore the board. Restoration is now underway and the original stamp and original wood fin (attached with 2 nails and glass) were saved in the process.

Thank you again.


Duane (Indialantic, Florida)

I love the book, and i have been talking about it to all type of friends.

I’m sure surf shop owners would LOVE to sell your book.

Fernando A. (La Jolla, California)

Hi Jim
The book looks amazing so much detail and info I am still working my way
through the whole thing it is a great reference book and really has a lot
packed in I am stoke to be apart of it
Grant Ellis

G’day, and Aloha, Your book arrived the other day, all in one piece. I was blown away by your book. You have put together one of the most comprehensive books on surfing I have ever seen and I have seen many. The quality of the pictorials are fantastic and you have included many photos never seen before. The presentation of the box, the book cover and the book itself with the wonderful picture adds to the high quality of your book. The research you did, the correlation of the material and pictures must have been painstaking, but your results show in how well it was done. It has been well worth the wait.

Aloha, Loch L (Elenora, Queensland, Australia)

This book is awesome.  It is a joy to read, a visual treat. The chapters are well organized to give the reader an excellent feel for the history of surfing and the evolution of the surfboard. Each page has a unique layout showing vintage photographs of surfing legends in action artfully arranged alongside images of the surfboards of the corresponding era with informative captions and text and collector values.  Your  approach is masterful as each page becomes an easy to absorb history lesson, collector guide, and work of art.

In later chapters, you’ve included invaluable advice regarding collecting and preserving and even restoring vintage surfboards and collectibles that will benefit every collector.

You’ve spent decades  passionately tracking down rare surfboards and surfing collectibles and memorabilia,  preserving their provenance.  Your passion for the sport and knowledge of surfing history is evident.  Every collector and fan of surfing will love this book.  Congratulations and thank you for sharing your knowledge through the medium of your innovative and beautifully crafted new book.

Rick M (Short Hills, New Jersey)

I’ve shared view of my fine, new book with several of my older peers .. all board builders .. who have all been initially enthralled with first sight of its contents.

Currently, I’ve left it with my friend Martin, a life-long shaper, now largely confined to home by a debilitating osteoarthritis. He gains such pleasure from books and ‘the surf artefact tome’ will give him hours of reading and research.

A genuine Cornish thank you for the beautiful book.

Aloha, Roger Mansfield (British Surfing Champion, Author, Surfing Coach, Lecturer, Surf Historian and Curator of “Surf’s Up’ exhibition)

I was finally able to sit down with The Ultimate Guide and devote the time and concentration this very significant compilation deserves. The book is nothing short of magnificent in presentation-format and in its content detail. Nothing is omitted or forgotten as would be supportive to any collector of Surf whether they be seriously committed or, a casual observer.

This publication is now most certainly to be considered the definitive source to reference for Surf. There have been several publications over the past decade that have attempted to pass themselves as reference guides and in my personal opinion they have either been weak, miss-representing / miss-leading or, miserably distasteful in their presentations! This accomplishment is not only a great pleasure to read through, The Ultimate Guide can be referenced in confidence and with the greatest respect in accuracy, hallmarks missing with predecessors!

You are to be congratulated for this achievement… Anyway, I am truly one very stoked recipient of a beautiful publication and will be gifting the additional two purchased copies with our grown surfing daughter and Moopuna and surfing son… Sincere best of success for a sell-out and several re-prints to fulfill a huge demand for The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectables.

Malama Pono, Tim M. (Kamuela, Hawaii)

Good Afternoon,
My boss, Sean B*******, just received this book today and showed it to me. I would LOVE to purchase a copy for a very dear friend and avid surfer all his life. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put me on your back up list. I will be glad to pay for it in advance.
Please advise and thank you for this opportunity.
Sheri S. (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

I have to say it Jersey style The book is” f***ing awsome!” Just got it today and was busy doing things but stopped to look ,and didn’t get much done after that! Unbelievable amount of accurate detail and the layout really works . I can not wait to read more .
Thank you , Scott E. (Bayville, New Jersey)

You made a happy man
Merci, Mahalo and have a good day

Fred G. (Biarritz, France)

I just received the book I ordered and am so very excited! It’s a beautiful publication and one that I know you are proud of.

Best and aloha, Barbara P. (Carmel, Indiana)

Hello ! Just received the book. It’s unreal… You did a nice job!
Rod M. (Oceanside, California)

I’ve only had time to flip through your book, but I can tell you it is a thing of beauty. It is a trove of information and images. I look forward to many hours of enjoyment. You have done the sport a service and created a book like no other. It is exceptional!
Mahalo nui loa,
Richard H. (Wauwatosa, Wisconsin)

I want to thank you as I received my copy of the book today
One word… Awesome!
Thanks Mike N. (Fernandina Beach, Florida)

Jim Winniman’s long awaited book “The Ultimate Gide to Vintage Surfboards” is now a reality……Untold sweeps of time and energy have gone in to this project resulting in what is likely the finest documentation of archival surfing artifacts ever put forth; not content with a book filled exclusively with historic surfboards, ‘Vintage Surfing’ expands the all encompassing genre to include a periphery of guides on books, magazines, travel posters, iconic Hawaiiana art and so very much more.

The collectible run of books is beautifully presented with a slip case and dust jacket. Not only is the book a stunning coffee table accoutrement, but also a simply splendid reference book that could easily be used for appraisals and insurance valuations.

Most importantly, the book is fun, as is surfing itself. Grab a copy to surf through while you still can.

Mark Fragale
Curator Honolulu Surfing Museum

The book arrived today. I am speechless. It is truly amazing. So much detail, so much work, so many pages.

The work gets 10 out of 10 stars.

You should feel very proud. As I said, I am speechless.

Aloha and mahalo for this wonderful contribution to surfing heritage and history .
Sandra Hall (Author of an authoritative biography of Duke Kahanamoku)

Just got my book !! great work many thanks, will really enjoy to read and reread it.
Jeffrey V. (Bridgehampton, New York)

We picked up our book…. Fabulous!!! Super great job!!! Thanks so much for your dedication to the sport,
Tim & Cindy M. (Makawao, Hawaii)

I just received my two copies and I am completely blown away.This book is absolutely magnificent. I am giving a copy to my son for his 30th birthday.No doubt he’ll be thrilled to the gills! Thanks so much,
John L. (Los Osos, California)

I just got the book and it is awesome! You did such a fantastic job. I did not know that you were going to cover the 80s. If you do a follow up book let me know.
Thanks again Vince T. (Hermosa Beach, California)

Beautiful book. Congratulations on a job well done.
Larry Z. (Irvine, California)

THANKS!! For the copy of the Monumental Tome….it is Righteous to say the least!
Aloha, Joe Tabler (Surf Books Retailer – San Diego, California)

Book came today and it looks great.  Very cool,
Thomas F. (Washington, District of Columbia)

Book arrived this morning….can`t wait to read it…sensational

Regards Andrew C. (Managing Director, Northern Beaches – Brookvale,  NSW, Australia)

I just received my Surfboard Book. Really a great piece. No wonder it took you so long!!

James W. (Durango, Colorado)

Just a note to let you know I received your book today (2 Sep 2013). Thank you for the magnificent effort you’ve put into this superb tome. It really shines.
Yours gratefully, Geoff B. (Merewether, NSW, Australia)

The reason I know all about your book is because our dear friend John L****** (who surfed with my husband since they were in 6th grade) had a copy of your book. We looked through it thoroughly last night and that is what prompted me to contact you.
The amount of work, research, information and quality you have put into your book is amazing!
We’re excited to own our very own copy.
Thanks for putting out such an enjoyable treasure that adds to the history of surfing. Kirsten R. (Costa Mesa, California)

Awesome job, it looks great. Put me on the waiting list if one come available, I showed the book to my wife and she is buying it for my birthday present.
Erwin S. (Laguna Hills, California)

WOW!!!!! I got my book……..and what a stunning surf compendium. Congratulations.
I’m truly a benefactor of your unbelievable labor of love. There are so many descriptive adjectives I could use to describe my impressions, none of which really do justice. Far more than I ever anticipated, even after more than 52 years of surfing and collecting boards and memorabilia, I never knew how much I didn’t know…..WOW!!!!!
Thank you for fulfilling my request with the special note……. I’m very honored to have #69 in my collection.
And many, many thanks for making such an outstanding work available…..just amazing.
Kinds regards, Ken M. (Houston, Texas)

The book is fantastic, thx a lot for a great job!
Regards, Renaud C. (Zac Des Fourneaux, Angoulins, France)

Beautiful work, just lovely!

Mahalo! Sean B. (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Book received safely – I have read it cover to cover.

It is excellent!

Howard W. (Boerne, Texas)

The book is better than I ever dreamed Worth every penny!!!
My son and I have gotten through about 1/2 of it and it’s great
We actually have found 2 boards in our collection that are pictured in the book, both Morey Popes

W. Craig K. (Collingswood, New Jersey)

I have only browsed through the book but from what I’ve seen it appears to be a beautifully produced publication. I look forward to taking it away on holiday with me at Christmas time (our summer holidays) and reading it from cover to cover.

I found the early Hawaiian pics really interesting, particularly those of Tom Blake many of which I hadn’t seen before. Lovely pictures throughout and some amazing boards. I note there were chapters on British and Australian surfboards both of which were interesting.

Maybe a future publication could include some of our early surfing history (Duke Kahanamoku visited New Zealand in 1915 as we’ll as Australia). We also have had a number of surfboard manufactures who began making boards in the early 60’s and who were influenced by early surfing visitors here like Bing Copeland and Rick Stoner who brought along with them their state-of-the art “Malibu” boards. A number of these board makers are still operating today (Dennis Quane, Bob Davie, Nigel Dywer of Del surfboards, just to name a few).

Again, congratulations on a lovely publication and I look forward to hearing from you about any other similar future projects you have planned.

Drew R. (Auckland, New Zealand)

We received our book and it is amazing. Definitely worth the wait. It will take a while to get through it all and we are looking forward to doing just that!

Lee R. (Westmont, New Jersey)

 I received the book on Friday and obviously have not really begun to do it justice yet, but thought I would write to say that I was delighted by it. I had expected deck and hull shots and estimates of value, but you have given so much more.

It is a great book and I will read it from cover to cover once I have finished dipping in and out. Searching hard to give some constructive criticism, as it contains so much more than I had expected, if you ever think of doing another, rocker shots would be fantastic for total surfboard geeks like me (and you!).

Saying I like it is an understatement.
It is the best book of its type I have seen and, as I said, so much more than I had hoped for. Also very much bigger than I had expected, beautifully printed, bound and finished, lots more information, I could go on, but your head may get too big to fit in a tube, even in Hawaii!

The time you have taken, enjoyment of the subject matter and commitment shines through.

Best wishes,
Mike H. (Channel Islands, United Kingdom)

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to get a great book of Vintage

As it is my passion, you couldn’t do to me a better surprise. The book is
great and it helps me to know how much i still have to work to arrive to get
all the boards that i would like to have.

Some of the boards that i see are really amazing and would be great in my
collection. I will work harder to be able to buy some of them , the only
thing is that it will take time!!!!!

But what i appreciate the best is that you offer to many people who do not
know about Surf how this world is rich of its History, of its Culture, of
its Art, and of the Legends of these amazing Surfboards….

Thank you again.

Aloha Charly B. (Dax, France)

Received my copy of the book and really  love it !!!!!
Tim P. (Norfolk, Virginia)

Thanks for the amazing book! You did a phenomenal job!! We look forward to many years of enjoyment surfing through the pages.

Andy L. (Woodside, Hawaii)

Received the Book. WOW WOW WOW.
Amazing…..Fantastic Job.
Thank you very much…..looking forward to the next (US Vintage Surf Auction) auction.

Mahalo. Alan W. (Beullton, California)

The book is more than awesome !! It gets a place of honor on my surfing shelf.

Mahalo Jeffrey V. (Bridgehampton, New York)

I did receive the book, and while I expected a nicely printed volume I was shocked by how far my expectations were exceeded. It’s clear that a massive amount of time and effort went into this. I spent my early years of design in a publishing house and I know how books are put together. This is really a beautiful volume and I’m betting you’ll have a lot of people wanting a second print run.

Congratulations on this piece! I’m pleased to be a contributor to this work and if you ever do a second edition, let me know!

Jim Shoemaker (Professional Surf Photographer)

GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, I never had any idea how big that mother was going to be.  I will be up all night……………
Thank you, thank you.
Happy Tom Keck (Professional Surf Photographer)

WOW What an amazing book I cant believe how much content is in this and the
way its put together is Fantastic so just wanted to let you know how stoked
I am. Each time I sit down and read your book I am more blown away as it is so amazing.

Thank you so much and well done on a wonderful documented book.
All the best.
Kind Regards,
Kevin A. (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia)

Got mine , delivered to the UK in one piece! Great book.
Dave G. (Lymington, Hampshire, United Kingdom)

I received the book and absolutely love it. Thank you for this amazing resource.

I’m just bummed I did not start collecting sooner. I’m hooked…

Thank you again for the work to put this book together. I can’t put it down.

Thank you, Sevak K. (Thousand Oaks, California)

Just a note to thank you for your communications during your books
Was delivered to me on Monday 2 September.
A very beautiful “child”.
Best wishes,
Geoff B. (NSW, Australia)

Outstanding, great work.

Joe S. (San Clemente, California)

Just a quick thank you my book arrived today,it’s amazing and will take pride of place with my other surf books.
Thanks, regards, Rhys F. (Pottsville Beach, NSW, Australia)

Awesome! Thank you! Mitch M. (Mission Viejo, California)

I was blown away by the book– its layout, content was exceptional — I have shared it (on a very temporary basis) with friends who where in awe of its expansive and detail — Cary W. Los Angeles, California)

OMG! This is one heavy book! I love it and will cherish it to pass on to my daughters who also love to surf. This book brings back the memories. I’m from the 70’s and were back on the boards again. This time standup paddle on the waves. This book will be a priceless collectible in a few years.
Aloha, Marc L. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Best surf book ever! Takes you back in time and I love the focus on surfboards. Reminded me of every board I’ve ever had.
Great photos! You don’t have to be a collector to appreciate this. You really did a super human job compiling all this info. Every surfer should own this book. Nice to give focus to guys who contributed to the board designs. Brewer, Anderson, Richards- not only shredders but they changed the way we ride. Thanks Jim!

Buck E. (Kalapana, Hawaii)

Just a quick “howdy” to let you know I got both copies of the book, received in great shape.  I’m stoked, great job.  I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to buy this book.  I hope others take the time to offer you the positive feedback you definitely deserve.

Cheers from San Diego!  Tom S. (San Diego, California)

Aloha from Australia,
Received my copy  two days ago and wow!!! What a beautiful boxed edition and HEAVY, I couldn’t resist opening it very carefully as it is for my husbands birthday soon.  Congratulations on a huge effort by you and your team, beautiful pages, illustrations just fabulous.  You deserve a break!!! Thanks again.
Michelle R. (Molindenar, Queensland, Australia)

This book sets the standard for quantifying the surf movement of classic memorabilia.  A must have guide for any serious collector as well as anyone who is interested in checking out vintage surf boards.  There has never been a book like this before and there may never be another.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover.
Marc L. (Kahului, Hawaii)

Got the book, checked it out briefly, looks awesome so stoked to own it. Thanks again, John M. (Beach Haven, New Jersey)

Totally worth the wait! love the information and images in the book.
Well done effort!
A treasure of information!!!!!

Brenda R. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

You did a great job, You did Your homework and exceeded my expectations for content and presentation…

Terrific publication, happy to own one!


Dale H. (Honolulu, Hawaii)

The book just arrived and it looks to be everything everyone who matters said it is.

David C.

I received my book a week or so ago. Thank you so much. It was well worth the wait. I loved the packaging, super quality product.


Randolph J (Oceanside, California)

Received my book and it’s a splendid addition to my library…worth the wait.
Regards, Nick Magastic (Angourie, NSW, Australia)

Firstly, we would like to thank you for going out of your way to be sure I received this book on my  birthday…came just in time and made the day.

I can’t tell you enough how much the Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles means to me, I haven’t put the book down since we received it. The book was well worth the wait. Having surfed in both California and Hawaii in the 60’s I saw many of my fellow surfers I used to surf with in both places. The photos brought back great memories even centering around the boards we used back then-there was even one of my old Surfboards Hawaii models. This is  a great reference manual with lots of detailing centering around the islands, the people, and places frequented by the surfers of the 60’s.

Kudos to you and thanks for the memories!
Mahalo Gary B. (Glendora, California)

I read the entire book and was exhausted just looking. I cant imagine how much work went into it.
Great job!
Ron Croci (Professional Surf Artisit)

The book is indeed incredible!!!!  I’ve enjoyed looking through it immensely.  But happily enough, it will be a “long study”, consuming many hours of pleasurable reading and absorption.  Our winters here in the Northeastern United States can be long and freezingly cold.  But I’ll be warmed by a cozy fire, and the “heat of interest” generated by your wonderful tome.  I wish you much success.  Aloha, Matthew D. East Coast surfer since 1966 (Brookhaven, New York)

Aloha I have the book and its awesome great job it was worth the wait. Michael A. (West Caldwell, New Jersey)

Thanks for the huge effort.
Imagine how big the book would be if you included all the stories behind each piece. Mind-bogling.

Murray P. (Avalon, NSW, Australia)

Book on board!
Gary S. (Santa Cruz, California)

I was floored! I knew it would be good but man you really put it over the top!

A true collectors piece that will itself be listed in later books attempting to chronicle the greatest surf mementos of the ages!

Awesome! Thanks Bro!

Jon K. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

I received the book, and it was worth the wait.

I haven’t had a chance to look at it entirely, but what I have seen is great.

Thanks for putting this wonderful, coffee table, archive book together.


Wayne G. (Cambria, California)

Just arrived back from Hawaii and the book was here at my home.

It is absolutely fabulous and I have yet to sit down & really go through it.

How many did you end up printing?

Brilliant work & thank you. It was well worth the wait.

Cheers Robyn H.
Women in the Waves (Crescent Head, NSW, Australia)

Let me first start off by letting you know that I was completely blown away to see the presentation of the book in it’s hardcover case! Very nice touch! I can’t imagine how many hours was invested into compiling everything to get it to the finished product. I shared the book with the wife and she too thought it was awesome…

Aloha for now!
Todd L. (Santa Ana, California)

Totally stoked, great overview from all eras,,,,, Board Porn for sure… Well worth the money and the wait! If you decide to expand it in a future edition, I have some boards that may be of interest. Thank you for the Herculean effort!
Bart in Houston…. (Houston, Texas)

I have to say that you did a great job on this book.  One of the coolest surfing collectables books out there.  It’s really heavy to because it has so many pages in it. Great pictures.  Love how you kinda broke everthing up in sections.
Mike Jipp ( Lincoln City Surf Shop, Oregon)

I received the book this week! Very excited. Started browsing through it for the first time last night. Up to page #344. 
I was blown away to say the least. The content is very relevant to me as I have a very small collection of boards spanning from the 1940’s to the 60’s along with brand new retro boards from the seventies. 
You have captured the feeling and culture of the sport with the descriptions of all the items. I also like the way that you have portrayed all aspects of the surfing culture, the people, the craft, the memorabilia and the places.
 The pricing is a bit scary for average people, we hope the the people that collect some of the high priced items share them with the general population via museums and festivals. 
This book is going to be an all time favorite for me and I am unsure whether to let my mates touch it……hahaa! 
Thanks for all your hard work and please keep my details for any other publications that you are part of.

Cheers from Western Australia
Richard W (Osborne Park, Western Australia, Australia)

I received the first two books, one of which was a much appreciated
gift for my business partner. Personally I am very impressed with the
attention to detail that is evident in the book. You and those that assisted
have created the absolute standard for surfing and surfboard history.

Thank you very much for all of your hard work.

John L. (Newport Beach, California)

Spending the morning reading and thumbing through ‘the book’ and it is quite spectacular. . .just beautiful. . . I congratulate all of those who put their efforts into this masterpiece. . .love the layouts and captions. . .this is going to keep me busy for awhile!

Bob “Jens” J. (Kula, Maui)

What a book, what a first class, bang up job. I’m blown away!!! You should be proud of the historical addition to our lifestyle and the legacy that it will leave…

I was also blown away by all the ephemera that I have managed to collect (my wife calls it hoarding) in my lifetime. Some of that stuff you appraised…

Anyways, thanks again, what a historical gem you have created. I’m awed at all that I have learned from the book. Now its time for a big time out for some surf!!!
Remember, “Stay Stoked and Stay Forever Young….Da Lieb.”
Brent L. (Santa Maria, California)

I received the book. Definitely, it’s a monument, outstanding work
and researches, the quality of texts and images is at top and it is worth its
price (even with shipping costs and expensive taxes by french custom

I’m very glad to possess “The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles”, a
masterpiece that I will use and read a lot in the future.

Best regards

Hervé M (Tarnos, France)

Books received! Thanks so much! They are fantastic. A great work.

Thanks again.
Renato O. (São Paulo, Brazil)

We received the book about a week and half ago, Magoo loved it, has shown it to all our friends, who now want to get the book also. I have told them the limited edition one is not available but the open one is, hoping you get heaps of orders from Australia now, we had Mick Dooley here today and Magoo was telling him how great the book is, we shall continue to promote it as we believe its one in a million.

Thank you so much he loved it.
Debbie and Barry “Magoo” McG. (Norah Head, New South Wales, Australia)

Buy- The Ultimate Guide To Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles.